Outright sale: John Kraljevich Americana buys and sells a wide range of items from early America, Europe, and Latin America. If you are a collector of coins, medals, tokens, paper money, or financial history from 1500 to 1825, we probably handle things of interest to you. We find as much to like about $100 items as we do $100,000 items and make an active market in historic numismatic Americana for every price level in between.

We are strong buyers. Every item in our extensive inventory is acquired by purchase or trade from a wide variety of sources. If you have early American coins, American historical medals, better world coins (1500-1825), colonial and Continental currency, or related items for sale, please contact us for an immediate response and strong cash offer. For the best material within our target areas, we will pay more than any dealer in the nation. Payment by overnight check or bank wire, if desired.

Auction representation: For collectors and institutions, auction representation services are available. For a fee equaling 5% of the hammer price (in most cases), John will personally examine lots of interest, describe them, bid on them live, and offer advice on bidding and pricing. Most customers find that the extra 5% is some of the best money they spend, saving them from potential mistakes and using a professional’s unbiased eye. Special rates are available for non-profit museums and institutions; please inquire.

Cataloguing, appraisal, and authentication services: John’s services as a writer and cataloguer are available to auction companies, individuals, and institutions, at an hourly rate or by the job for larger projects. Expert appraisal and authentication services are available to museums, as well as counsel on accessions and deaccessions, appraisals of incoming donations, etc. References are available. Authentication of special, individual objects is available under certain circumstances. No authentications will be done without seeing an object in hand, no matter how good the pictures may be. While many items can be 100% established as inauthentic within moments of seeing an image, we will not pronounce anything authentic without actually seeing it in person. Appraisals of unique items or collections will be accomplished under similar terms.

Want List Services: We will actively seek out items within our specialties for collectors and fill thoughtfully composed want lists for dedicated collectors. We handle many items that are placed privately and never make it to a show or the website, including many high profile classic rarities. We have helped build some of the finest collections of colonial coins and American medals in private hands. Contact us [link to contact page] and let us know your collecting goals -- from an advanced collection or a single hard-to-find piece.

General Advice: Freely offered, time permitting. Need help figuring a new direction to take your collection? Not sure what else might fit? Can’t decide what to keep and what to sell? Ask and we will happily help. Investor Services: A well-formed collection, selected by a knowledgeable party with an eye for quality, tends to do well over the long term. However, if investment is a primary goal, find a stock broker.

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